Race Rules


By entering the race, entrants are required to abide to the Race Rules and Regulations and marshals’ directions.

Organizers do not refund enry fees, if an entrant decides to cancel his/her place. If the cancellation is submitted to the organizers in written form not less than 30 days before the event, 50% of the paid fee can be used at our events in the next year.

Entrants are allowed to switch distance by not less than 30 days before the race. If switching to a race with a lower entry fee, organizers to do not refund the difference. Switching to a race with higher entry fee will be accepted, if entrant pays the difference calculated on basis of the current date’s entry fee.

Runners have to wear their bib-numbers in a well visible place at their clothes throughtout the whole race from start to the finish. No folding or cutting of the bib-number is allowed. Usage of bib-holders is permitted.

Runners are not allowed to leave the race course during the race. Runners willfully obstructing fellow runners and/or competing in a unsportsmanlike manner will be disqualified from the race. During the race, all participants have to follow the instructions of he organizers, marshalls, police and the medical staff. Any breech of the rules of the race may result in disqualification – these decisions are subject of the Race Director’s competence.

Entrant declares, that he/she is properly prepared to participate in the event; is in proper physical and medical condition to run his/her distance. Entrant declares to participate in the event in his/her own responsibility; he/she does not have any illness or health problem that would hinder his/her participation and would make it dangerous for his/her health. Entrant declares, that he/she would not claim organizers in case of any health problem or injury suffered and/or originated from the participation at the event.

Entrant accepts, that there can be objects and road unevennesses in the race course which may require extra awareness from the runners. As the race is held partly on streets that are not closed to the normal traffic, entrants are required to pay attention to the traffic and follow the traffic rules. Entrant accepts, that organizers do not have any responsibility of any injury or accident suffered by the entrant in the event.

Entrant allows pictures, movies and voice recordings taken of him/her during the event. Furthermore, entrant allows that those recordings (picture, video, voice, etc.) can be used by organizers and sponsors for media, marketing and commercial purposes; entrant is not entitled to any compensation or any form of payment for that.

No refund of the entry fee can be given if the race has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances outside of organizers‘ control, for instance by order of the authorities or extreme wheather conditions – as entry fees are invested in the cost of staging the event, and the main costs to contractors, suppliers, administration are already committed well before race day.